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Industry Business Analytics


Economics Data Management

The solution facilitates the management of economic data that enables users to perform reporting and various analytics. The solution allows extraction of data from any source system of text files, flat files and Microsoft Excel worksheets. The solution helps organisations to coordinate and share data to support decision-making.

Hydrocarbon Fiscal Economics

An end-to-end hydrocarbon production data management and financial solution, whereby users are able to review hudrocarbons from production to sales and revenue recognition. The solution includes a calculation engine and forecasting complete with sensitivity analysis tools.

Investment Analytics

An end-to-end analytics solution dedicated for application on investment portfolios by of extraction from risk and performance engines, to store data and perform as a reporting tool. The solution enables preparation of analytics reports for investment risk reporting and monitoring. The solution allows analysis of risk adjusted profitability of the respective asset classes, securities and traders.

Pipeline Transmission Economics

The solution facilitates pipeline transmission cost modelling and economic management, enabling the identification of a charging mechanism for transportation via pipeline. The solution includes diver-based product cost allocations.

Power Plant Economics

The solution supports economic management for power plant producers, including cost management, driver-based cost allocation and multi-dimensional profitability analysis.

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